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Pembroke Pines, FL 33026
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We offer the latest hearing aid technology provided by the leading manufacturers to improve your hearing.

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We are a full service hearing facility offering adults & pediatrics hearing devices and audiology services.

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Patient Testimonials

It was just very very friendly. He’s a people person and he had people skill. I’m sure he’s very good at what he does in the medical field. It was a good experience, the way they treated me.

-Rene G. of Miami, FL

My husband, Herbert, sees Dr. Bailey on a regular basis for his hearing aids and related problems. While I was ill, Dr. Bailey took a personal interest in my recovery and even sent me a beautiful card with a handwritten message. There aren’t many people who would take the time to do this. She is a very special lady and is a credit to her profession.

Very truly yours,
-Barbara K. Pembroke Pines, FL

I liked the way Dr. Bailie took time with me and my hearing loss. She explained everything so clearly and answered all my questions. And she helped me choose my hearing aids, so that I could stay within my budget.

-Marylynne M. of Fort Lauderdale, FL

For one they are very friendly and ready to answer any question. I would recommend any one to South Florida Associates PA

-Rodolph V. of Opa Locka, FL

Picking out a hearing aid can be a daunting experience, but working with Dr. Shonda Bailey, who is so professional, friendly and has such a clear perception of the product ,we were able to select the perfect hearing aid for me! thank you Dr. Bailey.

-Virginia S.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Bailey, Dr. Shapiro and the entire Clear Tone Hearing Center team. Their patience and dedication have helped me hear better than ever!

-Stanley A.

I liked the whole process of getting a new hearing aid. It was really professional, and now I have a great hearing aid thanks to them.

-Ashley C.

She [Dr. Bailey] was very patient and informative.

-Fortuna B., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Dr. Bailey did her best to analyze my hearing loss and come up with a solution to correct it.

-Alan B., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I like everything about this clinic but mainly the fact that I no longer have to reposition myself to hear someone who is sitting on my right. It is such a wonderful and awesome experience to hear. Praise God!

-Venise R., Hollywood, FL

Very nice and very helpful.

-Raissa E. of Fort Lauderdale, FL

The one-on-one service and professionalism.

-Teresa G. of Miami, FL

[Dr. Bailey] was very professional, yet personable and listened to what I had to say. [Dr. Bailey] was informative regarding hearing loss and the various devises to aid hearing loss. I must compliment you on the welcoming and friendly atmosphere in your office, this was evident upon coming through the door and continued throughout my visit.

-Mary H. of Pembroke Pines, FL

Hearing again! No more asking people “what did he or she said” Back in the World of Conversation. Thanks!

-A. Flynn